Tone Fresh

DJ Tone Fresh, born Tony Evans, is a 30-year music veteran originally from the suburbs of New York City, who works as a DJ, songwriter, music producer and artist development. His musical versatility has allowed him to become an expert at mixing all music genres and master the art of being a well-rounded DJ specializing in classic hip hop, R&B, house, rare grooves and soul music. Tone Fresh has been labeled "your favorite music producers favorite DJ" because of his ability to seamlessly blend all genres of music and make it sound fresh and original. Remaining authentic to the hip- hop DJ culture and a master at mixing, scratching, blending and turntablism which has enabled him to keep getting booked for parties, concerts, events and weddings for the past 30 years.

Tone Fresh has performed all over the U.S. as a DJ affording many opportunities to work with some of the best talent. In the late 80's, he was one of the first DJ’s from the U.S. to showcase turntablism in clubs all over Europe while he served in the United States Army overseas. In the 90's he was the DJ for the critically acclaimed rap group “Two Kings in a Cipher” on RCA Records; where he toured, performed at concerts and televised rap shows all over the country with groups such as Tribe Called Quest, Brand Nubians and Busta Rhymes. Tone Fresh is also an accomplished music producer and song writer who has worked with the critically acclaimed music production team “The Hitmen” for Bad Boy Records and produced the song “Come With Me” The Remix from the “Godzilla” movie soundtrack for “Sean P Diddy Combs”. He also produced the “Da Bosses Lady" for the legendary rapper “Kool G Rapp” from the “Roots of Evil” album and co-wrote the song “What’s Up Star” by the rapper Sweet Tee aka Suga from “Russell Simmons The Show” movie soundtrack respectively.

Currently, DJ Tone Fresh is a DJ and radio talk show host on WREK 91.1 FM Technique Show in Atlanta Georgia where he DJ’s, books guest DJ”s, programs music playlists and produces shows. Tone Fresh also DJ’s events at some of the Atlanta’s biggest company’s and clubs such as Coca Cola/Sprite, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Aisle 5, The Music Room, The Soundtable and Kat’s Kafe where he has a monthly residency. Tone is also the resident DJ for the @Soulfoodcypher non-profit organization which educates hip hop culture through freestyle rap and gives private and group DJ lessons on app.

DJ Tone Fresh has achieved his Associates degree in Brand Marketing from Strayer University and is continuing his education and to expand his brand and take his