Staci Berger
Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey

 President & CEO

As the President and CEO of the Housing and Community Development Network of NJ, Staci Berger directs the statewide association of over 275 community-based organizations and individuals, created to enhance efforts to create affordable housing, revitalize communities, and improve the climate for community development in NJ. She previously served as the Director of Advocacy & Policy, working to broaden and mobilize support for the Network’s public policy agenda. Prior to joining the Network, Staci worked with New Jersey Citizen Action as an organizer and later as the Political and Legislative Director, devising and implementing political, legislative, and electoral strategy. She currently serves on the Economic and Community Advisory Council of the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and is a member of the Housing Advisory Council for the Federal Home Loan Bank of New York. Representing the Network on Community Reinvestment Act Advisory Boards for both PNC Bank and Valley National Bank, and on TD Bank’s Leadership Council, Staci assists these institutions in meeting community investment objectives.