Leatrice Moore
Black Community Developers Group

Executive Director

Leatrice Williams Moore is a distinguished Non-profit Executive, bringing two decades of expertise to the forefront of purpose-driven initiatives and dynamic community and strategic partnerships.

She holds the inaugural role of Executive Director at the helm of the Black Community Developers Group—a pivotal national coalition. This esteemed assembly unites prominent Black Presidents, CEOs, and Executive Directors who share an unwavering commitment to community development in urban and rural landscapes. Their overarching mission is to rectify the historical underinvestment in Black communities, illuminating a path toward equitable growth.

Leatrice's career of leadership roles, spanning local government, trauma-informed youth development, adult development services, and community economic development. For nearly 17 years, she has also been a visiting instructor in social sciences and an adjunct faculty member teaching courses in community economic development and public administration. Her dedication transcends professional boundaries, as she generously offers her expertise to nonprofit organizations, providing invaluable guidance in strategic planning and organizational development.

Leatrice's educational journey is a source of great pride, culminating in her degree in Political Science from Johnson C. Smith University—a venerable Historically Black College and University (HBCU). Her commitment to advancing the field is further underscored by her acquisition of a Master of Public Administration degree, a graduate certificate in Human Resources, and certification as an Interim Executive Director.

With deep roots in her hometown of Los Angeles, CA, she resides alongside her two beloved children and her tight-knit family. Leatrice Williams Moore's unwavering dedication to community development and her tireless pursuit of equity shines a beacon of hope on the path toward transformative change in underserved communities nationwide.