Dominique Miller
ThirdSpace Action Lab

Senior Fellow of Research & Engagement

Dominique Miller is the Senior Fellow of Research + Engagement at ThirdSpace Action Lab, Co-Chair of the New Hampshire Creative Communities Network, and Board Chair of Creative Placemaking Communities. She has worked in performing arts management for over 10 years and creative placemaking since 2016, on both the east and west coast. While in Los Angeles she was the Creative Strategies Producer at Little Tokyo Service Center where she played an integral role in developing “+LAB”, an initiative integrating arts and creativity into community development work. She supported and managed all +LAB projects including Takachizu and the +LAB Artist Residency program and presented at various Creative Placemaking Leadership Summits and ArtPlace America Summits. During that time, she was featured in the Community Development Innovation Review: Transforming Community Development through Arts and Culture issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco in 2019.